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The Power of Walking Meetings

I recently was pointed to this article by Virgin's CEO Richard Branson, who stands and walks for meetings as much as possible.  In Sycamore Way's history, I have always encouraged walking sessions with clients, whether it's city sidewalks from their workplace, local walking trails, or if we are fortunate, a local city park.  It is good to ask, why do I encourage this?  Is the sweat worth it in stifling humidity, and the numb fingers from freezing cold?  Yes.  This is why:

1. Breathing "fresh air" - Sometimes urban air maybe not be the freshest, but breathing air outside enlivens and wakes us up.

2. Noticing beauty - When we're outside, we notice beauty in nature, architecture, art, and people.  This is comforting, inspiring, and generative.

3. Exercise - When the majority of one's work is sedentary, it is good for the body to get out and walk.  We burn calories, and increase our energy.  We are not tempted to eat calories we do not need, unless you walking path takes you by the smells of a local bakery!

4. Creative Renewal - Sometimes when you are sitting, staring at a screen, or in meetings in uninspiring conference rooms, creativity is blocked.  The above three points have the power of un-blocking your creativity, renewing it.  

Take a walk!  Take a hike!  Your next brilliant idea or creative breakthrough is down the block and around the corner!



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