Daniel engaged our Leadership Team in a series of interactions that were designed to enhance our leadership capacity, as well as help us to be more vulnerable and trusting with one another. Daniel did a terrific job of creating a safe space for us to learn about one another, be transparent, and engage in constructive feedback. He was communicative with us and was very open to feedback from me and the team along the way. If you want a person who wants to collaborate with you so that your team can be the best it can be, Daniel is your guy!
— Chris Purnell, Executive Director, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic
Creating culture takes intention and constant effort. Sycamore Way has offered us resources and a framework to begin developing our staff and our organization into one which aligns with our mission and values. Daniel has been a coach to many of our staff and leadership team and has helped us to navigate burnout, alignment with our purpose, and has highlighted how to bring everyone into alignment through small, subtle shifts and suggestions that allow us to stay focused on the big picture. He provides real-time resources that benefit the population we are serving while also benefitting our staff and helping us to shift our culture with ease.
— Simona Reising, Director of Training and Engagement, Outreach Inc.
Working with Daniel to plan and execute a leadership team retreat was a positive experience. Daniel helped to bring breath of fresh air to a team dynamic that had been drifting toward an unhealthy state. Before the retreat, gossip, mistrust and overwork had become cultural norms of the group. Daniel consulted on the challenges and brainstormed collaboratively to plan a daylong retreat. It took pressure off of me as the group leader to plan and execute the retreat on my own.

During the retreat, Daniel’s style was facilitative and insightful. He brought a calming, affirming demeanor to both the struggles and solutions the group identified. After the retreat, we benefited from a much healthier team dynamic. While difficult team dynamics cannot be resolved overnight, new team norms can be developed and thoughtfully planned retreats can be a “fork in the road” toward growth. We were thankful we made the right choice in partnering with Daniel and Sycamore Way for our leadership retreat.
— Executive Leader in K-12 Education
As we sought to embed the care and development of our staff into all aspects of our organizational culture, we were blessed to have Sycamore Way’s Daniel Fuller engage our staff in a variety of ways. The investment he made helped change our culture for the better and has sparked renewal of passion for our staff. His unique giftedness has been a true blessing to our team.
— Jay Height, Executive Director, Shepherd Community Center
Sycamore Way recognizes the impact that investing in the development of staff has on the health of an organization. Staff burnout and attrition are issues for most organizations in today’s fast pace and often dysfunctional work environments. Organizational leadership will continue to battle these issues for years to come unless they invest time, energy, and money into their staff. Sycamore Way brings practical solutions to these problems to promote positive change and sustainable growth among leaders. Daniel’s calm and gentle demeanor makes him Daniel one of the best people to be around for engaging conversations. Those who work with Daniel will experience renewal of purpose. He is a breath of fresh air, and a tree planted by water.
— Eric Weidman, Health Facility Administrator
Daniel has played a significant role in my leadership journey as a spiritual director and mentor. His ability to guide me through introspective questions coupled with his use of the Enneagram has cultivated greater self-awareness and a more sustainable rhythm of life for me. He serves as a refresher for leaders committed to significant impact without sacrificing soul care.
— Dan Rodriguez, Construction Manager

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