Sycamore Way exists to instill transformational leadership principles and practices into organizational cultures in order to sustain creativity, passion, and joy.

What is transformational leadership?  Transformational leaders are self-aware, both of their strengths and shortcomings.  They practice self-care, and are selfless, honoring their and others' human limitations and need for rest.  They are courageous to make hard decisions, and willing to be vulnerable.  They are joyful and also in touch with pain and suffering.  They use their leadership influence to spark and unlock these characteristics in those they lead. They create organizational cultures where those they lead want to stay and contribute their best work.

To understand this mission, consider the story of a Sycamore Way client.  In the organizational culture, the needs and crises of its clients were ever present, and money always tight.  Consequently, employees worked overtime and found it difficult to disconnect from work when at home, with family, or on vacation.  As a result, burnout and brownout were common among staff, and turnover was 30% annually.  The exhaustion, compassion fatigue, and internal conflict was palpable.  Efforts at employee engagement and leadership development were inconsistent and lacking.

Sycamore Way responded to this organization's reality by coaching key leaders individually and in groups, facilitating learning of transformational leadership principles and practices.  Additionally, Sycamore Way facilitated retreats from 2 hours to full days, where these leaders paused from the chaos, reflected on their leadership health, and were renewed to reengage their leadership.  Last of all, Sycamore Way empowered leaders to develop strategic structures for ongoing practices of transformational leadership.  As a result, turnover decreased, employees reported being more engaged and more satisfied, and internal conflict was reduced.

Do you long for this transformation as a leader or in your organizational culture?                               

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Why Sycamore Way?

Behind the name is an invitation to follow the way of the sycamore, a majestic tree that thrives by water.  You will not find mature, large sycamores deep in the forest, but along riverbanks, lake shores, and creek beds.  This is true along polluted city rivers and pristine, remote lakes; regardless of the environment, the sycamore thrives because it sends its roots into the water.  Two Hebrew Scriptures, Jeremiah 17:5-8 and Psalm 1, describe people who practice transformational leadership as like the tree planted along the riverbank.  These trees do not fear heat or drought, their leaves stay green, they are dependable to bear fruit no matter what they face, and they prosper.  Transformational leaders, therefore, find their waters to plant in like the sycamore.  These life-giving waters are the rhythms and practices that sustain them, even in the most chaotic, draining seasons.  This is the sycamore way.

  Majestic sycamores rooted along the bank of the White River in Indianapolis, IN.

Majestic sycamores rooted along the bank of the White River in Indianapolis, IN.

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