Do you long to transform your leadership and organizational culture?  Contact us to engage you and your team through the following offerings:

  1. Organizational Development Consulting

    • Partners with leadership teams for contextual solutions to implement transformational leadership principles and practices into personal and organizational frameworks.

    • Develops leadership development structures and processes and evaluative tools to measure their effectiveness.

  2. Leadership Coaching

    • Offers coaching to individual leaders and teams for the purpose of becoming transformational leaders in these primary areas:

      • Self-Awareness (Utilizing the Enneagram and/or DISC, MBTI)

      • Self-Care (Developing a transformational self-care customized plan)

      • Empathetic Leadership (Developing how you see, understand, serve, and motivate others)

  3. Adult Learning Facilitation & Speaking, Retreats

    • Facilitation of learning experiences for teams and companies on topics of transformational leadership such as:

      • Self-Awareness as the Foundation for Team and Organization Effectiveness

      • How Creative Disruption will Transform your Leadership

      • Developing a Transformational Organizational Culture

      • The Power of Walking Meetings

      • Empathetic Servant Leadership - The Key Talent Retention Strategy

  4. Spiritual Direction

  • One hour, once per month spiritual direction sessions for individuals seeking to be attentive and responsive to the divine presence in their lives. Daniel Fuller is a trained spiritual director and affiliate of Fall Creek Abbey in Indianapolis.

Interested in one of these offerings?  Email or submit the contact form below.

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