Are you a leader who longs to be transformational and transform your organizational culture?  Sycamore Way will empower you to be transformational through the following offerings:

  1. Organizational Consulting

    • Partners with leadership teams for contextual solutions to implement transformational leadership principles and practices into personal and organizational frameworks.
    • Develops leadership development structures and processes and evaluative tools to measure their effectiveness.
  2. Retreat Facilitation

    • Facilitation of as little as 2 hours up to full day retreats for leaders and leadership teams.  Weather depending, an outdoor component (walking, hiking, etc.) is included.  Retreats are for the dual purposes of renewal and empowerment to return with vigor, vision, and intentionality to implement regular practices of transformational leadership.
  3. Spiritual Direction or Coaching

    • Offers spiritual direction and coaching to individual leaders and teams for the purpose of becoming transformational.

Interested in one of these offerings for yourself or your organization or business?  Email or submit the contact form below.

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