Sycamore Way Origins

Daniel Fuller, Sycamore Way’s founder, envisioned Sycamore Way after experiencing the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of 10 years of leadership in high stress environments without practices of growing self-awareness and self-care.  Beginning to put transformational leadership principles into practice his own life and work, Daniel began to experience relief and joy again, and saw how needed these practices are for everyone. He started telling his story and encouraging colleagues and other leaders in transformational leadership practices, and saw the impact in others and their leadership. This eventually led to a coaching and consulting model that Daniel began to develop through his leadership at Shepherd Community Center, with the help of his hands-on masters degree in leadership & organizational development. Eventually, in 2016, Daniel was compelled to launch Sycamore Way to offer this more widely to other leaders and organizations. Today, Daniel finds it an honor and joy to accompany leaders, teams, and organizations on this transformational journey.

Daniel's Professional Experience

Prior to Sycamore Way's launch, Daniel has served as Bilingual Paralegal (Spanish) and Latino Advocate at Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, as an Assistant Pastor of a church plant of Trinity Church in Indianapolis' Fountain Square neighborhood, Director of Youth Mentoring and then Director of Staff Development at Shepherd Community Center.  Daniel completed his Master of Arts in Global Leadership in 2018 from Fuller Theological Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies, concentrating on organizational and leadership development.  Daniel became a trained spiritual director in 2018, after completing two years of training through Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction, which he completed at Fall Creek Abbey (formerly Sustainable Faith Indy). He is an active affiliate spiritual director of Fall Creek Abbey.

Creative Biography

The native landscape of Daniel Fuller's soul is surrounded by woods, water, and hills.  Growing up in rural, western New York State, Daniel spent much of his childhood exploring the surrounding woods and waterways.  Transplanted to Indianapolis in 2006 for vocational pursuits, Daniel had to be intentional to find renewing outdoor spots.  For this end, you will oft find him hiking at local parks or exploring hidden paths on his dream bike, a Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen.  His beautiful wife, Kristin, and adventurous son, are perfect companions for these explorations, and co-laborers in flower, fruit, and vegetable gardening.  Another love is writing, capturing the Sycamore Way through reflections, research, and blogging.  Finally, Daniel is Spanish fluent and takes deep joy in Latino culture.  He has spent much time in Latin America studying and traveling, and worked in all of his previous work positions with Latinos, speaking and writing Spanish daily.

Daniel can be contacted at daniel@sycamoreway.com.

Daniel, on a backpacking trip in the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona, after the unexpected discovery of a grove of sycamores near a natural spring.

Daniel, on a backpacking trip in the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona, after the unexpected discovery of a grove of sycamores near a natural spring.

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